Why was Xinjiang the Central Transport hub of Civilization up to the new time?

Why was Dzungaria (Xinjiang) the Central Transport hub of Civilization up to the new time, and the Great Wall of China was not only a wall, and a highway for camel caravans of the Great Silk Road?  Because of the overlapping of the continent by the Himalayas, there was the only passage to Europe.  Camel caravans were loaded with silk in Manjuria and were sent across Beijing along the Great Wall of China!  Not far were walking along the Great Wall of China to the west through a very mountainous region of the north of China to the entrance to Dzhunaria, which is called the “JIAYU passage” – Jiayu Pass, limited on three sides from the west of Tien Shan as the north of Altai mountains.  The Dzungaria region is a triangle bounded from the west by the Tien Shan ridge, from the north by the Altai Mountains and from the north-west by the ridge from the Dzungarian Altai.  Further caravans went to the northwest side of the Dzungaria triangle, formed by the ridge of the Dzungarian Altai.  Here is the natural passage of the ridge, which is called the “Dzungarian Gate” or “Altai Pass”.  This passage is located at the level of two lakes – Lake Alakol, which is located under the city of Alma-Ata, and Lake Aibi (Ebinur), already on the territory of China, which are the remnants of the former sea here, and that speaks of the catastrophic drying up of the region in recent millennia.  Having passed the Dzhungar Gate, the caravans left the mountain region and already normally walked in a densely populated chain along the route: Alma – Ata – Bishkek (Frunze).  Between Alma-Ata and Bishkek, the route ran between the two great lakes BAALhash and ISAAK-Kul.  Then, almost in a straight line, south – west – Jambul – Tashkent – Samarkand – Bokhara – ChardJOU – Ashgabat – Tehran – Baghdad – Israel, Jerusalem.  That is why there is such a people as “Bukhara Jews”, not only they are alone along the Great Silk Road of Jewish origin.  there are many, starting with the Uighurs.  The extreme ended and in the opposite direction began with the Dzungarian gates.  However, everything shows that the climate in this region has recently changed dramatically in the direction of dehydration and drying.  Previously, there was water and the whole Dzungaria was, possibly, a sea with oases.  Now these are deserts and harsh mountains. 

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