Jesus Christ and J2 haplogroup

Jews are currently understood in two ways: those who believe in Judaism (religions that believe only in the Old Testament but not in the New Testament) (religious groups) or those who have Jews as their parents (ethnic groups). There is. There was a theory that the Israelites at the time when the Jewish kingdom existed were of a colored race, and that the white Jews (Ashkenazim) came from claiming the Jews by the Khazar conversion to Judaism in the 8th century. In the past, the theory that pedigree Jews were only race of color (Sefardim) was dominant, but as a result of research by molecular biology, white Jews (Ashkenazim) have European traits. Although similar to humans, most of their Y-chromosome haplogroups belong to the Middle East origins of ” J1 ” or ” J2 “, and are clearly lineages of male Jewish descendants. Became.

Y chromosome haplogroup J strain [Middle East]


Abraham Y chromosome of (Abraham) is haplogroup J is estimated to be (J-M304) (Note 1).


picture from WikipediaNote 1) ” Haplogroup J1 is Definitely Not Semitic in Origin! ” (2015.9.10)

Y chromosome haplogroup J1 strain [Middle East]

Fatov Ali Shah

The Y chromosome of the 2nd Emperor of the Persian Emperor Gadjard Emperor Fatov Ali Shah (1772-1834) is the haplogroup J1 (J-L255) (Note 1). Fatov Ali Shah has 158 people. It is said that he had a wife and 260 children.


picture from Wikipedia* 1) Eupedia ” Famous people’s Y-DNA listed by haplogroup “

Prophet Muhammad Ibn-Abdullah (Krish, Hashim)

The Y chromosome of the Prophet and founder of Islam Muhammad Ibn-Abdullah (570-632) is the haplogroup J1a1b1b1a2a1a1a4a1a1b2 (J-L147.1 *, subclade-L859) (Note 1). This is the result of analyzing samples obtained from two members of the Jordanian royal family. Muhammad is from the prestigious Hasim family of the Clais, a controlling tribe of Mecca, the central city of the Hijaz region in the west central part of the Arabian Peninsula.


picture from Wikipedia* 1) ” Y-DNA famous people “

Jewish priesthood (descendant of Moses’ brother Aaron, Levi, Cohen family)

Is a Jewish hereditary priesthood (priest) Cohen Y chromosome of (Cohen) house, haplogroup J1a1b1b1a2a1a1a4b1a is a (J-L147.1 *, subclade- Z18271) ( Note 1). This is based on data obtained from a few males of the Cohens worldwide. The Cohen family is a male ancestor of the priesthood (priesthood) who has inherited the heritage, is an Ashkenazi Jew, and is a descendant of Moses’ brother Aaron, and belongs to the Levi tribe. Based on these results, the speculation that “Ashkenazi Jews are not pure Jews but descendants of White Hazars who converted on the way” was completely denied (Note 2) (Note 3) ) (Note 4).


picture from Wikipedia

Alleles12twenty three14Ten1315111612131130

* 1) ” J1 Y-DNA Project “* 2) ” Extended Y chromosome haplotypes resolve multiple and unique lineages of the Jewish priesthood “* 3) national geographic ” OUR STORY “* 4) FTDNA ” Cohen DNA Project-Y-DNA “

Dustin Hoffman

The Y-chromosome of American actor Dustin Hoffman (1937-) is the haplogroup J1a1b1b1a2a1a1a4b1a (J-ZS227, subclade-Z18271) (Note 1) (Note 2).


picture from WikipediaDustin Hoffman is an Ashkenazi Jewish American with Ukrainian and Romanian Jewish parents.
* 1) Eupedia ” Famous people’s Y-DNA listed by haplogroup “* 2) Eupedia ” Dustin Hoffman may belong to Y-haplogroup J1 “

Y chromosome haplogroup J2 strain [Middle East]

Tiberius Julius Abdes Pantera

Phoenicians, Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera (Tiberius Iulius Abdes Pantera, BC 22 BC – 40 years after AD) Y chromosome of, haplogroup J2 is estimated to be (J-M172) (Note 1) (Note 2). Tiberius Julius, from Sidon, Phoenicia, was a member of the Roman Empire for about 40 years, was a member of the First Cohorus Arch Corps, and was granted Roman citizenship by virtue of his longstanding service. Pantera (Note 4) means “leopard” and Abdes means “servant of God.” Although he was named “Abdes Pantera”, he was honored to change his name to the Roman name “Tiberius Julius” when he was given the citizenship of Rome (Note 5) (Note 6).


picture from Wikipedia
In the streets, Joshua of Nazareth (Jesus, Ίησοῦς), the son of Abdes Pantera, is the founder of Christianity. Christianity (Christ today, Christianity, Greek: Χριστιανισμός, Latin: Religio Christiana, English: Christianity) means “ believing Jesus of Nazareth as Christ (savior), Jesus Christ preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, It was crucified and resurrected to rescue a guilty human being. ” The number of believers in the world exceeds 2 billion, and is said to be the highest among all religions. However, on the other hand, Jesus did not preach Christianity but preached the doctrine as a sect of Judaism, and it was his disciple Peter who systematized it as a doctrine different from Judaism. Also exists. Confirmation that Jesus of Nazareth is the Savior has not been found so far, and the number of people questioning the content of the Bible is increasing, mainly in the West (Note 7).
In 2016, a team of scientists led by Professor Antonia Moropoulo of the National Institute of Technology, Athens, Greece, used Jerusalem to restore Christ’s stone tomb, the “edicula,” using the latest technology to make the scientific A survey was conducted (Note 8).
Note 1) ” Identifying Genetic Traces of Historical Expansions: Phoenician Footprints in the Mediterranean “Note 2) ” Haplogroup J2, Romans, Viticulture and Christianity. “Note 3) P. Haupt / S. Hornung, “Ein Mitglied der Heiligen Familie! Zur Rezeption eines römischen Soldatengrabsteines aus Bingerbrück”, Kr. Mainz-Bingen. In: Archäologische Informationen 27/1, 2004, S.133-140.* 4) Latin that means panther.* 5) Marcello Craveri, La vita di Gesù, Feltrinelli, Milano, 1966, 466 pp6) Origenes Adamantius, Contra Celsum, AD 2487) Jesus Christ is not the founder of Christianity (2017.1.6)Note 8) Nikkei web, “ The tomb of Christ” of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is opened for the first time in several centuries to scientific research (2016.10.31)

Amir Timur

The Y chromosome of the founder of the Timur Dynasty, Amir Timur (تيمور Amir Tīmūr / Taymūr, 1336-1405), is the haplogroup J2 (J-M172) (Note 1). This is due to the results of analyzes based on samples obtained from multiple Uzbek men who are descendants of Amir Timur.


picture from Wikipedia* 1) ” Y-DNA J Haplogroup Project “

Nicholas M. Donofrio

Nicholas M. Donofrio , who was Vice President of Innovation and Technology at IBM until 2008, has the haplogroup J2 (J-M172) on the Y chromosome (Note 1). He is also a member of the Advisory Committee of the Genographic Project (Note 2).


picture from Wikipedia* 1) IBM Executive Vice President, Innovation and Technology tested with the Geneographic Project* 2) ” Nick Donofrio “

Alexander Zulin

The Y chromosome of Russian figure skater and Olympic silver medalist Alexander Zourin is Haplo Group J2 (J-M172) (Note 1).


picture from Wikipedia* 1) Eupedia ” Haplogroup J2 (Y-DNA) “

Matt Lauer

The Y chromosome of American journalist Matt Lauer (1957-) is haplogroup J2 (J-M172) (Note 1) (Note 2) (Note 3). His father, Jay Robert Lauer, was of Jewish Romanian origin.


picture from Wikipedia* 1) ” Famous Haplogroups “2) 23andMe ” Y-dna Haplogroups of Famous People “* 3 NBC Today ” Where did we come from? ” (2005.11.18) Genealogist Dr. Spencer Wells talks about Humans Genetics.* 4) NBC Today ” Matt discovers his roots “

Dr. Steve Salvatore

Dr. Steve Salvatore , who hosts the popular TV show Dr. Steve show, has the Y chromosome of the haplogroup J2 (J-M172) (Note 1). (Note 2).


picture from:* 1) Inside Cornell ” Ancestry project maps DNA paths of student origins “

Friedrich Engelhorn

German industrial family, Friedrich Engel horn (Friedrich Engelhorn, 1821-1902) Y chromosome of, haplogroups J2a is a (J-M410) (Note 1).


picture from Wikipedia* 1) Eupedia ” Haplogroup J2 (Y-DNA) “

Y chromosome haplogroup J2a1 strain

Hugh Montgomery (Count Eglinton)

In Scotland the nobility, the 12th generation Eglinton Earl (Earl of Eglinton) · Hugh Montgomery (Hugh Montgomerie, 12th Earl of Eglinton , 1739-1819) Y chromosome of, haplogroups J2a1 is a (J-L26) (Note 1) (Note 2).


picture from Wikipedia* 1) Eupedia ” Famous people’s Y-DNA listed by haplogroup “* 2) ” Montgomery Surname DNA Project (Earl Ray Montgomery) “

Y chromosome haplogroup J2a1b strain [Middle East]

Mike Nichols

The Y chromosome of American film director Mike Nichols (real name: Michael Igor Peschkowsky, 1931-2014), whose father is Jewish-Russian, is the haplogroup J2a1b (J-M67) (Note 1).


picture from WikipediaNote 1) Faces of America (Television Program, Page 31) by Henry Louis Gates

Mahomet Oz

The Y chromosome of Dr. Mahomet Oz, a professor of heart surgery at Columbia University, is the moderator of the doctor information show “Doctor Oz Show” broadcasted in 140 countries (* 1) (* 2) around the world including the United States. , Haplo Group J2a1b (J-M67) (Note 3).


picture from WikipediaNote 1) “ Health Variety Doctor Oz Show-Official Site ” (Sony Pictures)Note 2) According to the Sankei Shimbun, it was broadcast in 112 countries around the world.3) 23andMe ” Y-dna Haplogroups of Famous People “

Burt Bacharach

Grammy and Academy Award winning American composer Burt Bacharach ‘s Y chromosome is the haplogroup J2a1b1a (J-L556) (Note 1).


picture from Wikipedia* 1) Eupedia ” Haplogroup J2 (Y-DNA) “

Rothschild family

The Y chromosome of the Jewish wealthy Rothschilds is the haplogroup J2a1b3 (J-L210) (Note 1).


picture from Wikipedia* 1) Eupedia ” Haplogroup J2 (Y-DNA) “

Adam Richard Sandler

The Y chromosome of American comedian Adam Richard Sandler (1966-) is the haplogroup J2a1b3 (J-L210, subclade-Z30390) (Note 1) (Note 2).


picture from Wikipedia* 1) Eupedia ” Famous people’s Y-DNA listed by haplogroup “2) Eupedia ” Actor Adam Sandler may belong to Y-haplogroup J2a1 “

Y chromosome haplogroup J2a1d strain

Ben Affleck

American actor, screenwriter and film director Ben Affleck (real name: Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt, 1972-) has the haplogroup J2a1d (J-M319) on the Y chromosome (Note 1). This was revealed by the PBS TV “Finding Your Roots” series.


picture from WikipediaNote 1) Eupedia ” Famous people’s Y-DNA listed by haplogroup “

Y chromosome haplogroup J2a1h strain

John Joseph Curtin

The 14th Prime Minister of Australia, John Joseph Curtin (1885-1945), has the Y chromosome as the haplogroup J2a1h2 * (J-L25 *, subclade-F3133) (Note 1). This is the result of an analysis based on samples obtained from his offspring (Note 2).


picture from Wikipedia* 1) Curtin Clan-An international community for genealogy, research and fellowship* 2) Eupedia ” Haplogroup J2 (Y-DNA) “

Thomas Coleman Younger

American West invasion era behind the scenes the James-Younger Gang team of Thomas Coleman Younger (Thomas Coleman Younger, 1844-1916) Y chromosome of, haplogroups J2a1h2a1 is a (J-L70, subclade-FGC24630 ) ( Note 1 ).


picture from Wikipedia* 1) Eupedia ” Haplogroup J2 (Y-DNA) “

Y chromosome haplogroup J2b1 strain

Sir John Anthony Pople

In 1998, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry-winning chemist, Sir John Anthony Popuru (Sir John Anthony Pople, 1925-2004) Y chromosome of, haplogroups J2b1a is a (J-M205, subclade-YP13 ) ( Note 1).


picture from Wikipedia* 1) Eupedia ” Haplogroup J2 (Y-DNA) “

Y chromosome haplogroup J2b2 strain

John Lorimar Warden

The Y chromosome of Admiral John Lorimer Worden (1818-1897), who commanded the Union Army of the Battle of Hampton Rose in 1862 during the American Civil War, is the haplogroup J2b2 (J-M241). Note 1). The Battle of Hampton Rose is famous as the first battle between armored ships in history.


picture from WikipediaNote 1) ” Worden DNA “

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