The Origin of the Shapiro Rabbinical Lineage according to the Y-DNA

Khazar DNA Project

The potential Alan/Khazar of the Shapiro Rabbinical Lineage is discussed in a draft manuscript by Paull, J.M, Briskman, J., and Steeble, S.K.

This is their abstract:

The goal of this Y-DNA research study is to utilize both traditional genealogical and current DNA methods and technology to identify the unique Y-DNA genetic signature of the renowned Shapiro rabbinical lineage descending from Rabbi Pinchas Shapira1 of Korets (1726–1791).

Traditional genealogical methods provided the foundation for our study. We researched the history and genealogy of the Shapiro rabbinical lineage, and we identified and tested three pedigreed patrilineal descendants of three different sons of Rabbi Pinchas Shapira of Korets. We then utilized genetic genealogical methods to compare the Y-DNA genetic profiles of these three pedigreed descendants.

We initially determined that all three descendants genetically matched at 37 short tandem repeat (STR) markers. Their lineage-specific haplotype, in conjunction with their G-M201 haplogroup/G-FGC1160…

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