Ashkenazic Jews’ mysterious origins unravelled

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The rise of the Ashina

We now know that at the time these Jews adopted the name Ashkenaz, they also acquired uniqueAsian mutationson their Y chromosome. This is where another important group of people in our story come into play – and they are called the Gok-Turks.

During thesixth century , these nomadic people were ruled by a Siberian Turkic tribe called the Ashina. They were forced by theChinese Tang Empire– who were in power in China at the time – to migrate westwards toward the Black Sea.

Thanks to their organisational and military skills, the Ashina united many tribes in this area – and a new empire called the ‘Khazar Khaganate’ was born. Offering freedom of worship and taxing trade, these people quickly rose to power.

Orthodox Jews pray at the ancient cemetery of Safed, Israel.

The Asian group of these DNA mutations , found in Ashkenazic Jews, likely originated fromthe Ashinaelite and other Khazar clans, who converted from Shamanism to Judaism. This means that the Ashina and core Khazar clans were absorbed by the Ashkenazic Jews.

It was also around this time that the Jewish elite adopted many Slavic customs. And based on my previous research, I would suggest thatYiddish was developed as a secret languageto assist in trade.

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