Enquête sur la loi du 3 janvier 1973

The January 3 Inquiry is a shocking book. It shows, step by step, how France was enslaved by debt with just a simple innocuous text. It shows how, in the space of 40 years, every Frenchman found himself with a debt of 30,000 euros on the back in the name of the country. It shows how the elite senior officials have renounced, step by step, the French nation, its soul and its independence. This is the story of successive manipulations, organized and managed to benefit only one entity: private banks. Thanks to this law, France was conquered without noise, without a bullet fired and without any resistance: every week, it is 4 new billions, borrowed by the State to pay pensions, wages and also … interest of the debt, which in addition to the 1700 billion already owed, while at the same time 800 industrial jobs are destroyed every day. This book is the story of the worst treason in the history of France. It must be read by all French.


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