Uighur Muqam and Jewish life in Israel

Allo Alaev’s life changed for the better back in 1991 when escalating belligerence in his native Tajikistan, following the break-up of the Soviet Union, prompted the master percussionist to emigrate to Israel with his family.As members of a minority Jewish population in an overwhelmingly Muslim country, it was a logical decision to relocate from Central Asia to the Middle East state.[1]

But Alaev still kept and developed the Bukharian Jewish culture in Israel. as you notice that there is a masterpiece of Uighur artist Ghazi Emet on the wall. the name of it is 12 Muqam.  

The On-Ikki Muqam (The 12 Muqam) are a set of musical suites which the Uyghurs trace in their present form back to the sixteenth century and the court of the Yarkand Khanate, though they also claim continuity with roots of considerable antiquity.The lyrics of the Twelve Muqam are drawn in part from the great Central Asian poets who wrote in the literary Turkic language, Chagatay: Shah Meshrep, Howayda and Nawayi. They also draw on epics like the tale of the lovers Gharip and Senam, and popular folk lyrics. [2]


[2] Uyghur 12 Muqam


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